Friday, May 24, 2013

Benefits of Pre-Season Prep service

Here's just a few reasons why it's best to order your plants ahead of time through the Pre-Season Prep service.

1. Pre-Season Prep customers receive the strongest, healthiest plants. Since you took time ahead of the season to be proactive and make my life easy, I make sure you go home with the best looking seedlings.

2. You can make special requests for varieties that aren't on my plant list if you contact me at seed ordering time in early winter. I'm always interested to try plants you like the taste of or you had particularly good luck with in the past.

3. You're less likely to become overwhelmed with all the plant choices out there if you have time to do research ahead of time and think through your decision.

4. You can thoughtfully pick out plant companions so you can create a healthy garden community.

5. As you read through the plant descriptions, you can select the ones you cook with the most and that give you the vitamins and minerals your body specifically needs.

6. You're more likely to be proactive with the rest of your garden tasks—prepping your beds before your plants arrive home.

7. Your plants are well nurtured, remaining out of inclement weather, until they are safely in your car on the way to their new home. 

8.  You can arrange a time to get your plants that fits well with your schedule and with the increasingly unpredictable last frost date in spring.

9. You have the option of taking a quick tour of my gardens when you pick up your plants, gaining inspiration for your own garden. Just ask!

10. Pick-up day is a good time to receive special attention. You're not rushed to ask how-to questions.

11. Once you are home with your plants, you know you have space for them because you did the pre-planning your plants deserve.

12. You can feel satisfied that you're helping your plant nursery achieve ecological sustainability. By receiving the orders at the beginning of the season, I can plan accordingly, avoiding throwing unsold plants into the compost pile.

13. You're also contributing to the economic sustainability of a new local business. As long as there is demand for Pre-Season Prep, I'll continue to offer this service.