M R Gardens' Tiny Home is listed on Airbnb for overnight stays!

We offer the following opportunities for guests or for others seeking short-term learning experiences:

What’s in Season?

Taste the fruits grown on the land where you are staying. Upon request, we’ll send you a list of what's currently in the garden. We’ll then harvest, wash and deliver them to you on the day that you expect to be cooking. Each order contains enough to add to at least one meal for two to three people. The selection varies widely depending on time of year: Asparagus and wild strawberries are available early spring; serviceberries, blueberries and raspberries in the early summer; chokeberries (Aronia) for your smoothies as well as wineberries in mid-summer; pears and apples (best for sauce) in the late summer; and if you're lucky, paw paws (a native fruit that tastes like a cross between bananas and mango!). We might have salad greens from the greenhouse in winter. Our vegetable selection changes yearly but we always have a lot of culinary herbs upon request. $5-10/order depending on availability.

Garden Tour

Learn about our unique style of ecological landscaping. Discussion includes how we build soil for optimal plant health; ways certain plants benefit each other and the ecosystem as a whole; how some plants can be used medicinally; and techniques for naturalization, groundcovers and meadows. We grow a wide array of native plants as well as fruit and usually a few vegetables. If there’s an area you’re particularly drawn to, let us know when you book and we can tailor the tour to your interests. It lasts one hour, and up to five people may join your group. Read more here. $40

Passive Solar Greenhouse Tour

With only solar gain to heat it and manual vents to cool it, M R Gardens’ 800 square foot greenhouse stays ideal growing conditions despite wide fluctuations in outside temperatures. Thermal mass traps heat during the day and then releases the warmth at night. The building’s design also prevents the interior from overheating. Even on cold winter days, it needs to be ventilated if it’s sunny. Learn how a passive solar greenhouse is different than a typical one; why it is shaped differently; what all the barrels are for; and why it produces high quality plants. Tour lasts about 45 minutes and up to five people may join your group. $40

A Sample of Farming

Hands-on is the best way to learn about gardening, and in small doses, it is fun and therapeutic. Ask which activities we’ll be doing the day you plan to be here, and if that sounds like something you’re interested in, we’ll see if our schedules coincide so you can join in. Activities could include transplanting in the greenhouse, planting in the gardens, maintaining the orchard and groundcovers, managing naturalized landscapes, or building new beds. We typically send you home with written educational material about the activities you helped with. Two to three hours - $25 per person.

Garden Retreat

We plan to offer week-long therapeutic and educational experiences soon, for guests who are seeking a healing retreat, as well as for those interested in entering the profession of gardening. Let us know if either of these opportunities interest you!

When you book on Airbnb, send us a message letting us know you're interested in one or more of these experiences. Questions? Contact or 828.333.4151.