Some activities require someone by your side for you to really grasp them, and gardening is one. When someone has physically shown you how to set up a bed, plant the crops and harvest them, you are much more likely to remember how to do so the next time than if you just read how-to articles. Since planting and harvesting techniques vary depending on which crops you're growing, you'll be pulling from your memory quite often. It's best if those memories are ingrained in your body rather than just in your brain.

Plus, if you've read about ecological gardening, the complexities can feel overwhelming. There are
many variables, microclimates and plant interactions to keep in mind when planning a garden. Yet once a good system is set up, the work can become quite simple as it almost manages itself.

Perhaps the most significant variable is you! It's important that you set up a system that fits your lifestyle, schedule, goals, personality and work style. If you don't, you'll grow frustrated and stop gardening.

When you hire an M R Gardens coach, we help you set up a system that addresses these elements. We ask such questions as:
·      What are your goals? What benefits, emotionally, physically, socially and environmentally are you expecting to gain from your garden?
·      How will gardening fit into your lifestyle? How much time do you want to spend in it weekly or daily?
·      What type of work do you like best? Do you prefer activities that are physically demanding or ones that are meditative?
·      Are you interested in learning about a wide variety of vegetables and herbs?
·      Do you want to extend the seasonality of vegetables so you're harvesting greens all winter long? Grow enough to put up for the winter? Donate excess food to a local charity? Sell to a local chef?

Once we complete the interview with you, we'll provide you a garden design specifically for you, as well as spreadsheets, timelines and growing tips to make your life in the garden manageable. Then we will designate a few days your first season to work with you in the garden, where you can learn everything from how to best hold your body while working to when it's best to pick a pepper. 

Sometimes it's nice to have someone beside you when you're undertaking something new, cheering you on, giving you confidence and answering your questions. Not to mention having good conversations while your hands are in the soil. To set up an appointment, contact or 828.333.4151.

Do you have limited growing space at your home but want to be involved with the growing of your own food? Read about the on-farm group garden coaching classes, Grow, for the home gardener, and Emerge, for the potential professional horticulturist.