Thursday, November 16, 2017

You can still sign up for Grow

Our new group gardening programs, "Grow" and "Emergence" have started, and we're having a great time so far!

Part of our group: Mike, Ali, Courtney and Megan

Each day starts out with a lesson about native or edible landscaping before we start our hands on activity.

Building beds for lavender, which we'll plant in late spring.

Re-establishing beds taken over by invasive vegetation, which we've solarized with plastic.

Preparing a bed for native perennials.

Composting area and vegetable beds are in the background.
We added several new vegetable beds, surrounded by mulched pathways with a plastic base for weed control.

"Sheet mulching" new orchard area, which means layering cardboard and organic materials for decomposition over winter.

Through Emergence, Flint is moving from years of working in conventional landscaping to more healing aspects of gardening.

A peek behind the chestnut tree

We wrap up the day with a harvest.

Gigantic parsnips and salsify!

Chinese cabbage and collards
Wash station

Weekly basket - Fall offering

Grow participants cut their own bouquets of cooked greens.
Wrapping up - packing salad mix
If you're interested in applying, set up an appointment with Megan by calling 828.333.4151. If you sign up by mid-January, we can catch you up on all that you missed during fall and winter. After January, we'll consider accepting new applicants on a revolving basis, carrying into the 2018-19 season. We currently meet Tuesdays at 3:00 or 4:00, depending on sunset time, for two and a half hours. Read more about the program in Laurel of Asheville and Mountain Xpress.