Megan designs attractive landscapes using primarily native, edible and medicinal plants. She serves individuals, families and business owners who want to improve their properties and the well-being of their customers with gardens. The space is tailored to the client's unique needs, with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing, therapeutic and useful area that will raise quality of life as well as property value.

Here's an example of a completed project in South Asheville, in which native perennials were incorporated among existing trees and shrubs as well as with the landowner's favorite ornamentals:

Nodding onions start to pop in June

Shade natives form an understory of existing tree
Coreopsis in sunnier areas

When establishing a landscape, Megan incorporates the concerns of traditional design (such as texture, levels, line, unity, balance, simplicity, color, and ease of maintenance) with the principles of permaculture design (such as microclimates, useful vegetation, and the smart use of the sun's and the gardener's energy). She aims to create a vision, alongside the property owner, that is both extraordinary and practical—the landscape can realistically be implemented and maintained.

Typically customers combine the design fee with hands-on garden coaching services so they have the skills to install and maintain the garden. 

A few more M R Gardens designs