M R Gardens grows native wildflowers, other plants that are beneficial for the garden, medicinal and culinary herbs, and vegetable starts. We offer high quality plants grown on a small scale, so they are given individual attention. We strive for as sustainable as possible, which means not only growing organically but also using nearly all renewable resources and reusing nonrenewable resources.

Photo of Megan by Lisa Kruss

Our passive solar greenhouse stays in the preferred temperature range for best growth even on the coldest and hottest days, without supplemental heat or powered exhaust ventilation. Due to all the microclimates in the greenhouse, it produces superior plants as each plant has a home in a place most suitable to its needs at the time.

The best way to buy M R Gardens plants is to order them ahead of time through the Pre-Season Prep Service. That link takes you to our online store, where you can reserve your plants and we'll contact you when they're ready for pickup.

If you contact us before we make our seed orders (between November and February, depending on the plant), we may be able to fill special requests for varieties. Email or call 828.333.4151.

Otherwise, you may visit M R Gardens, at 441 Onteora Blvd., Asheville, at advertised open days in early April through early June, as well as in September and October. Check our home page and the M R Gardens Facebook page for updates.