Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fall plants - 25 percent off native perennials!

M R Gardens in the Oakley community of Asheville opens its sustainable nursery for fall plant sales, which last one month starting Saturday, September 14. Native perennials, groundcovers and herbs are 25 percent off regular price throughout the fall season.

Great Blue Lobelia - a few of the plants still have blooms at their peak
Customers interested in fall vegetable seedlings should make their selections by September 21.

Find us at 441 Onteora Blvd., Asheville. We plan to be open between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., unless otherwise posted. If you have questions, contact or leave a voicemail at 828.333.4151.

For those who can't make it on Saturdays, reserve your plants at our online store: You’ll find descriptions of most of the plants at this site. Contact us for a discount code to receive 25 percent off perennials.

Columbine — Year-old plants in half gallon pots

Sochan — More than one-year-old plants in gallon pots
Availability changes each week—The ones marked with an * are currently in stock. (Updated weekly).

Native Perennials
Anise Hyssop*
Asters — Aromatic*, Calico*, Golden, Silky*, Smooth Blue*
Bee Balm, Bradbury’s* and Wild Bergamot*
Black Eyed Susan, Bicolor Daisy and Goldsturm*
Blazing Star (Liatris) — Button* (2 left!)
Cliff Sedum (S. glaucophyllum)
Creeping Phlox - Sherwood Purple*
Culver’s Root*
Doll’s Daisy (Boltonia)*
Fireweed* (1 left!)
Golden Alexander*
Goldenrod, Showy*
Great Blue Lobelia*
Hoary Vervain (Verbena stricta)*
Jacob’s Ladder*
Little Bluestem Grass*
Nodding Onion*
Rattlesnake Master*
Silphium - Cup Plant,* Rosin Weed,* Whorled Rosin Weed*
Sochan (Rudbeckia laciniata)*
Switch Grass*

Creeping Phlox - Sherwood Purple*
Sedum – Cliff, Dragon’s Blood*
Spurge (Euphorbia)*
Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)* (1 left!)

Medicinal Herbs– Some of the above listed natives are medicinal. In addition, we offer:
Balloon Flower*
Catnip*(1 left!)
Stinging Nettle*

Vegetable/Herb Starts - OUT, as of Sept. 23
Kale – Dwarf Siberian
Lettuce – Buttercrunch, Cimarron Romaine
Pak Choi
Spinach – Gazelle, Flamingo
Fall vegetable starts
We aim for as sustainable as possible, using organic methods and growing in a passive solar greenhouse heated entirely by solar gain and cooled with manual vents. Our potting soil incorporates bi-products of other manufacturing processes to avoid the over-use of peat. We grow on a small scale with attention to quality, and diversify our income streams to alleviate pressure on the nursery.

If you’re interested in a tour of our passive solar greenhouse, contact us to set up an appointment. See the description here.

Learn more about some of our plants in this video!