Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Order M R Gardens sustainable plants

M R Gardens' 2016 plant lists and order form are now available! We offer spring and summer vegetable transplants; flowers that benefit the garden; culinary and medicinal herbs; and native perennials.

At M R Gardens - by Vickie Burick
This year is an exciting one for it's the first year that we are growing in our new passive solar greenhouse—with outstanding results thus far. This greenhouse is designed to limit the amount of nonrenewable resources required to produce seedlings. And in the meantime has particular qualities that make it an ideal location for growing plants.

Tomatoes at M R Gardens - by Vickie Burick
Radicchio at M R Gardens - by Vickie Burick
We have 20 varieties of tomatoes, including four disease-resistant ones, six heirloom, three Roma/Romans, and six different cherries. We also offer sweet and hot peppers (including habaneros!), eggplant, cucumbers, ground cherries, tomatillos, kale, collards, radicchio, Swiss chard, and red-veined sorrel. We have five varieties of basil, which can be purchased singly or as a variety pack. Our culinary herb, medicinal herb, and beneficial flower selection includes 35 different varieties. To name a few—ashwagandha, tulsi, calendula, stinging nettle, mugwort, marshmallow, marigold, Sea Shells cosmos, Coreopsis, dill and lovage.

See more images of the plants by following this link. Please contact me (Megan) at gardens@wncmretc.com or 828.333.4151 and I'll send you information on how to order.
Megan Riley - by Vickie Burick.