Monday, May 4, 2015

Beneficial flowers, medicinal herbs and native wildflowers at Oakley Farmers Market Thursday

Look for M R Gardens at the Oakley Farmers Market on Thursday from 3:30 to 6:30. In addition to vegetable transplants, I have several beneficial flowers, medicinal herbs and native wildflowers, including:
Angelica archangelica: Beneficial, culinary and medicinal herb. Used for bronchitis and chest complaints, to relieve cramping and to enhance circulation. Photo courtesy of Christian Fischer.
Balloon flower: Used in Chinese medicine to eliminate phlegm, relieve cough, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, and improve immunity. Photo courtesy of Kurt Stueber.
Bergamot Bee Balm: Beneficial, medicinal, native perennial. Used for colds and sore throats, as a sedative, and as a tonic against depression, among other ailments. Photo courtesy of Wolfgangw.
 Spotted Bee Balm: Beneficial, medicinal, native perennial. Used for a variety of ailments. Photo courtesy of Ted Bodner.
Caraway: Beneficial, culinary and medicinal biennial. Mainly used for improved digestive health.
 Lance-leaved Coreoposis: Beneficial, native perennial or self-seeding annual. Photo courtesy of Kenpei.
Feverfew: Medicinal. Mainly used to treat migraines.
Lemon Balm: Medicinal. Used for fevers, colds and cough, depression, headaches, upset stomachs, insomnia and herpes.
 Lovage: Beneficial, edible, medicinal perennial. Mainly used for improved digestive health.
Mugwort: Medicinal perennial. Mainly used to encourage menses, relieve menopausal symptoms and improve digestion.
Sneezeweed: Beneficial, native perennial. Common name is based on former use of dried leaves for snuff, inhaled to cause sneezing that would supposedly rid the body of evil spirits. Photo courtesy of Dietzel.
 Stinging Nettle: Medicinal and edible perennial. Highly nutritious herb that can be used in place of cooked spinach.
Tulsi: Medicinal self-seeding annual. Tea is said to have many health benefits, including helping the body cope with stress.
Photo courtesy of Vicki Burick.
In addition, I have vegetable starts:
Tomato, disease-resistant: Defiant and West Virginia 63
Tomato, heirloom: Cherokee Purple, Ruby Orr (yellow), West Virginia 63 (orange)
Tomato, plum: Striped Roman
Tomato, cherry: Sweet and Matt's Wild (disease-resistant)
Pepper, jalapeno
Pepper, sweet: Sweet Big Red, Olympus, Corno di Taro
Basil: Sweet Thai