Monday, December 15, 2014

Gardening gift certificates

Give a unique gift to your friends and family while also adding to the beauty and health of our community. I can create a gift certificate that is personalized to their needs. Here's some examples:

Photo of M R Gardens by Vickie Burick
$25 — Initial Intake: An in-depth interview and walk around the property to gauge the client's needs, wishes and vision. Some quick advice and gardening tidbits are included in the discussion, which typically takes about an hour.

$50 — Initial Recommendations: Following an in-depth interview with the client, I write detailed recommendations addressing the client's most pressing concerns, along with a proposed timeline and estimated budget for the landscape work.

$100 — A Day in the Garden: I provide instruction at the client's garden on his/her topic of choice. Examples are: setting up no-till gardens; prepping beds and planting; managing pests; pruning and trellising; building season extension structures; and preparing the garden for the winter. Sessions typically last two to four hours. Package includes educational materials to help the client prepare for the visit and follow up with the work. This session can be one-on-one or with a group such as a family or a handful of friends.

$Your Choice — Edible, Medicinal and Native Landscape Design: Fees vary widely depending on needs of the client and size of the property. For the gift certificate, you may contribute what you are able to, helping fund a larger project.
Photo of M R Gardens by Vickie Burick
Contact me (Megan) at 828.333.4151 or to order your certificate.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday season!