Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Order spring and summer transplants

When the 2014 growing season arrives, it will be quite a relief after this cold winter! (Not that I'm complaining about the freezing temperatures. Low temps help with pest control as the cold kills off infestations).

I thought you might appreciate a head start on your greens just in case the ground temperatures remain too cold for speedy germination. So I'm offering three types of arugula, four varieties of spinach, and three types of heirloom lettuce (romaine, oakleaf, and green leaf). See photos of most of the spring varieties.
Arugula starts at M R Gardens
For your summer garden, I have a wide selection of tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, culinary herbs and beneficial flowers. See photos of some of the summer varieties. In addition to the classic heirlooms, I'm offering several late blight-resistant tomato varieties. Read more about the benefits of these hybrids, developed right down the road in Mills River.

I'm also trying out a few unique edibles and beneficial flowers new to my nursery, which you also have the option to reserve if you feel like experimenting. Find out more details when you request a full plant list by emailing gardens@wncmretc.com or calling 828.333.4151.
Pepper starts at M R Gardens
Spring seedling orders are due March 1 and summer transplant orders are due March 15. Plan on receiving your spring plants by April 1 and your summer plants by May 10. Payment is due when you pick up the plants at M R Gardens in Oakley (Southeast Asheville).

Looking for brassicas? I'll be offering a wide selection of kale, broccoli, cabbage and other cool season crops for fall planting. Orders will be due June 14.

There are lots of benefits to ordering your plants ahead of the season. Namely you receive the strongest, best-looking plants at the nursery. At M R Gardens, special attention is given to each of the seedlings, which are grown in organic potting soils in the healthiest environment possible. I trade seeds with Appalachian growers or buy from companies that have taken the Council for Responsible Genetics Safe Seed Pledge.