Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time to request 2012 plant list

Pre-ordering encourages planning instead of impulse buying.

When shopping for your garden starts, how many times have you felt so enticed to buy a plant that you couldn't resist, but then once you got it home, you didn't have the space for it or the time to plant it? (I admit, that's happened to me more than once).

Or were you so overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices at the market or retail store that you couldn't decide which ones to take home?

Pre-ordering alleviates some of the stress and impulsiveness of buying and saves you money.  It helps you in purchasing plants specific to your body's requirements as you have time to think about the nutrients you need and, correspondingly, the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables. You can also thoughtfully purchase the proper plant companions so that the vegetables are growing in the right garden community and are appropriate for your garden environment.

M R Gardens encourages gardeners to be thoughtful in their garden planning by offering customers the option of ordering them ahead of time. The list of plants that M R Gardens is offering for sale in 2012 is now available.

When you request a list — by emailing me at — you'll see which varieties I have on-hand, read their descriptions and see who collected the seed. You'll then make a notation of the number of plants you want on the spreadsheet. Please return the completed order by February 1 for spring crops and by March 15 for summer crops. If I don't have a variety that you are hoping to grow, please let me know and I may be able to find it for you.

My spring crops (order due on February 1) include broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, mustard, lettuce, celeriac and leeks.  Summer crops (order due on March 15), include eggplant, sweet peppers, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, watermelon and chard.  I also have culinary herbs—five types of basil, catmint, dill, fennel, parsley— and beneficial flowers such as borage, calendula, cosmos, nasturtium, scarlet runner bean, and sunflowers. Please also order herbs and flowers by March 15.

I'm especially excited about trying heirloom varieties from Nancy Long, a seed collector from the Cherokee Indian Reservation. I have seed for Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Giant Curled mustard, Early Prolific Straightneck squash and Moon and Stars watermelon. Slow Food USA describes this variety of watermelon as a "magical" melon: "The dark green and yellow speckled skin of the Moon and Stars watermelon evokes a living galaxy while its happenstance return suggests a storybook ending."

I hope pre-ordering helps you have a magical 2012 in the garden. Contact me today!
Email M R Gardens at or call 828.333.4151 to request a plant list. All plants are grown in organic potting soil. M R Gardens sells on a sliding scale so that all people in the community can enjoy healthily grown plants.