Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I garden: My growing list

  1. The physical work of gardening encourages the flow of my lymphatic system, essential for healthy immune function.
  2. I like to share with others my love of growing my own food and my fascination with the natural world.
  3. It's best to spread out the labor of agriculture among a greater number of people. The more people involved, the less taxing the work.
  4. My diet becomes more and more diverse as I try unique and lesser known edibles.
  5. Nothing compares to the pride felt at the dinner table in front of a plate of food that I grew myself.
  6. I become close to the cycles of natures. As unpredictable weather directly impacts me and my food supply, I feel the imbalances in the earth, so I'm more likely to adjust my actions and activities to foster a healthy planet.
  7. I don't have to frantically run to the supermarket when snow is predicted. My cupboards and freezers are already stocked with food I stored during last growing season.
  8. I decrease the use of plastic as food goes straight from the garden to the frying pan. Less storage bags needed.
  9. After a hard day's work, I love to sit on my deck and admire the work I completed.
  10. While gardening, I gain inspiration for writing and other projects and find solutions to issues I'm facing.
  11. When I need a break from the computer in the middle of the day, I can go pick raspberries.
  12. The garden is a way to give back to my community by donating excess food to organizations and trading over the fence line with neighbors.
  13. My edible yard adds to the aesthetics and diversity of my community. Neighbors frequently remark on it.
  14. When I'm overwhelmed by the overload of information and activity of modern life, or just plain tired from travel, my garden is a place of rejuvenation.
  15. In our busy lives, we often forget the speed that the world is meant to operate. The garden — and the kitchen, where I peel, pickle and can — is a place to relearn a slower pace.
  16. The garden teaches me to appreciate the simple things, as well as helps me understand the complexities.
  17. The garden toughens me up — both literally (my muscles, stamina and skin on the tips of my fingers) and metaphorically (my ability to face crisis).
  18. Just when I think I've figured something out, the garden humbles me. I am always learning.
  19. It's amazing how digging up beds and spreading mulch can burn off stress, excess energy and calories.
  20. When I need time outside, the garden is right out my backdoor. No drive to a scenic view required.
  21. I love good food.
  22. I can guarantee that food is grown the way I want it to be done if I do it myself.
  23. The garden repeatedly rewards me with a sense of accomplishment as I see my visions realized.
  24. It is a piece of the country in the city, and helps a farm girl like me thrive in an urban area.
  25. It connects me to my ancestors (who were farmers), and it reminds me of times from my childhood (like snapping beans with my mom).
  26. The garden is a great place to learn about the rules of the ecosystem and the growing requirements and uses of an endless variety of plants.
  27. The garden is a great place to get to know my friends and neighbors.
  28. The garden is great place to get to know myself. 
  29. It opens up an opportunity to connect with you! Share your reasons for gardening on the M R Gardens Facebook page
--Megan Riley, M R Gardens